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Example 3 : files on linux partition, launch with lilo

Womp with all codecs, arial truetype font, background image, network support w3m browser.

The womp directory may be on the root of any partition, so putting it directly under / is ok :

Content of /womp :

Now put vmlinuz.womp and init.gz into /boot, edit lilo.conf, add the following entry, and run lilo :

image = /boot/vmlinuz.womp
    label = womp   
    root = /dev/shm
    vga = 788
    initrd = /boot/init.gz
    append = " video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr go=y oss=y mouse=usb kb=fr lang=fr"
In this example, user will not be prompted for choices, here we have selected an usb mouse, a french keyboard and french language.

William Daniau