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Boot parameters

Whatever method is used to launch the bootcode, you'll have the opportunity to add several boot parameters, some are required, some are optional :

Required parameters : 
   + video options
   This will enable video memory wrapping and use of mtrr 
   ( see linux/Documentation/fb/vesafb.txt )
   + screen resolution :   
   800x600 16bits  :  vga=788       
   800x600 32bits  :  vga=789     
   1024x768 16bits :  vga=791 
   1024x768 32bits :  vga=792 

Optional parameters :
   + keeping modules in memory installation 
   Normally in the memory installation, modules are removed 
   from memory to free some space.
   If this is specified, modules will remains in memory.
   This has no effect in the loopback installation.
   + Do not use pcmcia
   Womp will not try to use pcmcia cards.
   + Do not ask for user settings
   During startup, users will be prompted for 
   keyboard, language, sound system and mouse type.
   If this is specified, users will not be asked, it is then
   a good idea to also specify these parameters if the default
   is not the correct value :
       + kb=fr/de (default us)
       + lang=fr/cz (default en)
       + oss=y (use oss instead of alsa)
       + mouse=ps2/usb/serial (default ps2)

William Daniau